Yivzori at Shema House

How to speak with children who are hard of hearing? Yivzori and Asayag visit “Shema House” in Haifa

שתפו את החברים

Maccabi Hunter Haifa’s Dagan Yivzori and Tomer Asayag made a visit yesterday (Wednesday) to the “Shema House” in the Hadar neighborhood in Haifa.

The “Shema House” in Haifa — established in 1984 —  is an educational and therapy center for children who are hard of hearing and deaf in the Haifa district. The center helps children in all different subjects — including hearing skills, communication, educational, emotional and social skills.  The center is run by the Ministry of Education and the “Shema” NGO in Haifa.

The teachers at the center are specialists in assisting children with those needs, and help acclimate them in class and in school. They also consult and guide the local staff on how to take care of children with hearing disabilities.

Maccabi’s Yivzori and Asayag met with 20 children in the school’s computer room. The teachers guided the two Green players on how to speak to the students properly — to turn their face to the children, so they will be able to see their lips movements and face gestures. The kids asked Yivzori and Asayag a few questions, but were eager to get out on the basketball court with them and play.

“It was an interesting and fun visit,” Yivzori said. “The kids showed interest and asked questions, but of course, they wanted to go out and shoot some hoops. I hope they had as good a time as we had.”

“Our children were very excited, and enjoyed the activity with every score they made,” Orly Erez, the “Shema House” Deputy Manager, said. “We would like to thank Maccabi Haifa Basketball for their visit and for donating basketballs to the school for the kids.”