Ido Kozikaro and Oz Blayzer visit Achva School in Haifa

שתפו את החברים

“Like in sports, I want to instill in children the values of morality, responsibility, thinking, caring, ambition, self-belief and discipline,” said School Director, Miri.

The Achva school is located in Wadi Nisnas Neighborhood in Haifa and serves children from distressed neighborhoods in Haifa. The school has approximately 270 students between the ages of 6- 13, a majority of whom are of Muslim faith (70%), while 30 percent of the students are of Christian faith.

Miri herself was born in Wadi Nisnas, and attended the school 21 years ago as an intern teacher. When she finished, she said to herself, “I will be back here.” She kept her promise. She was appointed School Director in the beginning of the school year (5 months ago) in order to make a positive change. She believes that the way to achieve your goals is through a healthy lifestyle at school. Healthy nutrition, sports competitions, sports discipline, and so on.

An incentive program that Miri and Maccabi Haifa have created for the students is if the students exemplify good behavior, they are rewarded with 2 tickets to a Maccabi Haifa basketball game. Miri believes this really encourages discipline in the children.

Team Manager Ido Kozikaro, who plays for the Achava basketball team, and Maccabi Haifa forward Oz Blayzer visited the school this morning. The students were very excited to see the basketball stars as the players prepped for a Q&A session with the students, who were all beautifully behaved. The Q&A continued with a short game between the boys and girls, and ended after the students took pictures with players.

“The kids were euphoric. I’m very happy they came and hope that that this visit will help me inspire a new way of life for these students,” concluded Miri.

“I always love to take part in community activities, and today we had the opportunity to meet children from the Arab community and it was really a great experience,” Blayzer said about the visit.