It’s Hunting Season! The Greens officially introduce Hunter as Main Sponsor

שתפו את החברים

Maccabi Hunter Haifa held a press conference this evening (Thursday) to officially introduce Hunter as the team’s new main sponsor. The Greens unveiled the Hunter logo on the team’s uniform, which will be worn for the first time this Saturday at RK Arena against Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Quotes from the press conference:
Maccabi Haifa vice chairman Arnon Shiran: “I am thankful for everyone who attended today. I would like to welcome Hunter, owner Eitan Smith, CEO Doron Mazor and of all the company’s employees, on behalf of our team owner and the Maccabi Haifa Basketball Club, for joining the Maccabi Haifa family, after signing the main sponsorship contract. It took us some time over the summer, after a few problems prevented us to continue with the previous sponsor Bazan. We didn’t want to compromise in the scale of the sponsorship, so it took us some time to find the right partner. We approached a few companies, some national and some local from Haifa, but as what happens in life many times; it was right under our nose. There are times when you you feel it’s right from the first moment, and I think we had good chemistry from the first meeting. We like the company, their name and their logo and we hope that this cooperation will benefit both our team and Hunter. I think that a great partnership will develop here, and I am glad that we are heading towards a new era. I hope we will be together for many good years.”

Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav: “The addition of Eitan, his family and the business he established, it’s the right glove for the right hand. This is the true Haifa, this is how it’s built and how it grows. We are very proud of this character, which doesn’t represent the rest of Israel. We are in a different place and we represent the depth, this family represents the depth. The fact that this depth is partnering with a good team, which are good for the fans and for the youth, we are proud.”

Hunter CEO Doron Mazor: “Smith Tools Hunter are happy to announce the partnership with Maccabi Haifa. As a company from Haifa, which grew in the city all the years, it’s an honor to support the best basketball team in the city. I would like to thank Maccabi Haifa for their warm welcome, we felt at home here since day one, already few months ago when we started to talk and we really feel at home. Hunter is one of the leading tools brands in Israel and we offer a wide variety of electric tools, safety equipment and much more. We believe that the partnership with Maccabi Haifa will bring results on the court and in the stores. Smith Tools Hunter are involved in a lot of community activities, especially in Haifa, so it’s an important thing for us and we are doing that for many years. Maccabi Haifa is without a doubt the toughest team in the league, and we hope that with our help, we will fight for all the titles. Like we are fighting on every screwdriver, we are sure that you are fighting at each game and we are proud to watch you.”