100 fans meet fans-players, Rozenblatt: “We will continue to strengthen our connection with the audience”

שתפו את החברים

Tonight, Thursday, a fan-player meeting took place in the VIP compound at the Romema Hall. The 100 fans of the team who signed up for the special meeting for the end of the 2018/19 season came to the meeting where signatures were distributed, pictures with the National League championship plate and pictures with the players.

The participants were Daniel Cooperberg, Roman Sorkin, Tom Maayan, Amit Alon, Roi Gambash, Daniel Najar and assistant coach Benny Katz. Also, the group’s CEO, Asaf Rosenblatt and the club members.

Group CEO Assaf Rosenblatt: “After a long and challenging season, we are delighted that we have succeeded in bringing the green crowd back to be part of our journey. It is also time to thank him for the push during the season. We will continue to strengthen ties with the fans for the next season in the Premier League. “