Sixth W in a row! Maccabi wins 81-100 in Rehovot

שתפו את החברים

Maccabi Haifa beat Maccabi Rehovot 81-100 (Sunday). The Greens, who came to the game with a short staff without injured Sorkin and Amit Alon, who was drafted this week, showed superiority over the streets and achieved the sixth consecutive victory!

“We knew we had a tough game against a team with talented players,” said Samy Givens, “We came to the game with a short team but with a very clear game plan and I’m glad we managed to put it into practice.

Maccabi opened the following five:
Caron Dechildes, Lucas Hausmann, Willie Workman, Sami Givens and Daniel Kuperberg.

Quarter 1 Result:
Maccabi Maccabi Haifa
Halftime score:
Maccabi Haifa Haifa 49-41 Maccabi Rehovot
Result 3:
Maccabi Hanker Haifa 74-63 Maccabi Rehovot
End result:
Maccabi Henter Haifa 100-81 Maccabi Rehovot

They scored for Maccabi
Sammy Givens 28 pts 5 rebs and 5 assists, Willy Workman 18 pts 6 rebounds and 4 steals, Keron Dechildes 18 pts and 7 assists, Anthony Fisher 12 pts and 5 assists, Daniel Koperberg and Lucas Hausman each , Liran Merkado 5, Gal Zabak3, and Roy Gambash