Maccabi wins 67:83 Ramat Gan / Givatayim

שתפו את החברים

Maccabi Haifa defeated Hapoel Ramat Gan / Givatayim (67:83) on Tuesday night.
This is the second meeting between the teams, when the first game won the Greens home at the score of 67-95. And as stated tonight, the Greens completed a double victory outside on Ramat Gan / Givatayim.

“We got into the game tonight with the right energy, the shots came in and we felt good, not every game of our shots will go in, but as long as we get to focused games and with the right energy, it will be easier for us later,” said team captain Willy Workman.
Maccabi opened the following five:
Caron Dechildes, Anthony Fisher, Willy Workman, Sami Givens, Daniel Kuperberg.

Quarter 1 Result:
Hapoel RG / Givatayim 16-17 Maccabi Hunter Haifa
Halftime score:
HaPoel Ramat Gan Givatayim 30-38 Maccabi huNter Haifa
Result 3:
HaPoel Ramat Gan Givatayim 48-59 Maccabi huNter Haifa
End result:
Hapoel Ramat Gan / Givatayim 67-83 Maccabi huNter Haifa

Maccabi scored:
Willy Workman 18 pts and 10 rebounds, Sami Givens 14 pts and 10 rebounds, Roman Sorkin 14 pts 6 rebs and 3 pts, Anthony Fisher 12, Keron Dechildes 12 pts and 6 pts, Daniel koperberg 10 pts and 8 rebounds , Lucas Hausman 3 as well as his partner Guy Lavie, Gal Zabek and Amit Alon.