Third win!

שתפו את החברים

Maccabi Haifa beat Maccabi Kfar Saba at 71:95. The Greens complete a great week with a third win with a double-digit difference on the opponent.
In the next Sunday, Maccabi will host Hapoel Gilboa / Galil in the eighth round of the Israeli Cup.
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Barak Peleg, the team’s coach, said: “We have been following the positive trend since the victory over Upper Galilee, and I feel that at the level of attitude and flu we are taking a step forward.

Maccabi opened the following five:
Caron Dechildes, Anthony Fisher, Willy Workman, Sami Givens and Daniel Kuperberg.

Quarter 1 Result:
HaPoel Kfar Saba 10-22 Maccabi Hunter Haifa
Halftime score:
HaPoel Kfar Saba 30-49 Maccabi Hunter Haifa
Result 3:
Hapoel Kfar Saba 50-72 Maccabi Hunter Haifa
End result:
Hapoel Kfar Saba 71-95 Maccabi Henter Haifa

Maccabi scored:
Keron Descildes 22, Anthony Fisher 14, Sammy Givens 14, Willy Workman 13 and 8 rebounds, Juan Bergal 12, Roman Sorkin 10, Daniel Koperberg 8, Guy Lavie 2 pts 7 assists and 4 steals, as well as Gal Zabek and Liran Merkado.