Willy Workman and Amit Alon visited “Reali Metus” School

שתפו את החברים

The Maccabi Haifa Hunter, Willy Workman and Amit Alon visited the Reali elementary school in Tel Aviv this morning, as part of the group’s community activities, and the players came to the school to meet with the students, held games and distributed signatures.

The players were greeted warmly by the excited students. Amit Alon (18) returned to the school where he learned and was very moved by the visit. Amit, told the children that he began to play basketball in the fifth grade, and that he always dreamed of playing basketball in Maccabi’s senior team, and so did he.

Willy and Amit held short games with students and students, dribbling exercises and more. And like all the rest how can you without pictures and signatures as a souvenir.

Amit Alon referred to community activity and his return to the school where he grew up: “For me to come back here is the closing of a circle … I was excited and enjoyed just like a child who came to school every morning to play and meet his friends, to come here as a Maccabi Haifa player. Always wants to go to the many community activities where Maccabi participates in order to meet the children, talk to them and explain to them that everything is possible if you dream. ”