Great Win! Maccabi 97-91 Rehovot

שתפו את החברים

Maccabi Hunter Haifa beat Maccabi Rehovot 91:97 tonight. The Greens, who were in arrears for most of the game, returned in the final minutes on the way to an important win outside.

The team’s coach, Barak Peleg at the end of the game: “In previous games we played with no soul, tonight I am especially encouraged by the fact that I saw players who sacrificed on the court and played with a lot of soul”.

pic: Hemi Kadusi

Maccabi opened the following five:
Guy Lavie, Anthony Fisher, Willy Workman, Sami Givens and Daniel Kuperberg.

Quarter 1 Result:
Maccabi Rehovot 25-24 Maccabi Hunter Haifa
Halftime score:
Maccabi Rehovot 53-51 Maccabi Henter Haifa
Result 3:
Maccabi Rehovot 76-71 Maccabi Hunter Haifa
End result:
Maccabi Rehovot 91-97 Maccabi Hunter Haifa

Maccabi scored:
Sami Givens 25 pts and 8 rebounds, Anthony Fisher 18, Keron Deshildes 13, Willy Workman 12 pts and 11 rebounds, Roman Sorkin 12, Daniel Koperberg 9, Guy Lavie 5 pts and 6 pts, Juan Bergal 3, Amit Alon and Gal Zabak.