Maccabi loses the derby, Workman: “Sorry to the fans.”

שתפו את החברים

Maccabi ‘Hunter’ Haifa lost the evening in the first derby of the season against Hapoel Haifa, Hapoel Haifa 95:92. Workman: “Sorry to the fans.”

Maccabi opened the following five:
keron Deshildes, Anthony Fisher, Willy Workman, Semi Givens and Daniel Koperberg.

Quarter 1 Result:
Hapoel Haifa 28-21 Maccabi ‘Hunter’ Haifa
Halftime score:
Hapoel Haifa 40-46 Maccabi ‘Hunter’ Haifa
Quarter 3 Result:
Hapoel Haifa 63-67 Maccabi ‘Hunter’ Haifa
End result:
Hapoel Haifa 95-92 Maccabi ‘Hunter’ Haifa

Maccabi scored:
Anthony Fisher 29, Daniel koperberg 16, Semi Givens 14, Willy Workman and Keron Deshildes 11 each, Roman Sorkin 9, Guy Lavie 2 Also participated Juan Bergal and Amit Alon.

The team’s captain, Willy Workman, said at the end of the game: “First of all, I would like to thank all the fans who came to support us tonight, we came to the derby tonight and we made mistakes too. That evening. ”