The training game against Motzkin was stopped at 70-50

שתפו את החברים

Maccabi Hunter Haifa, set up a training game against Maccabi Kiryat Motzkin in the ‘Romema’ home.
During the third quarter, when Maccabi left Kiryat Motzkin, Moshe Grossman ordered Maccabi to drop his team from the game, the coaching game was stopped.

the progress of the game:
Maccabi made the following five:
Kron Dechildes, Amit Alon, Willy Workman, Sami Givens and Daniel Kuperberg.

the progress of the game:
Quarter 1 Result:
Maccabi Hunter Haifa 31-16 Kiryat Motzkin
Halftime score:
Maccabi Hunter Haifa 58-32 Kiryat Motzkin
Quarter 3 (until the game is over)
Maccabi Hunter Haifa 70-50 Kiryat Motzkin

Maccabi scored:
Keron Deshildes 17, Semi Givens 16, Amit Alon 12 (4-5 from the three), Juan Bergal 7, Willy Workman Roman Sorkin and Daniel Koperberg 4 each, Guy Lavie and Gal Zabak 3 each, and Liran Merkado.
Anthony Fisher and Roi Gambash were not involved in any injuries.