Green fans came to support!

שתפו את החברים

About 50 fans arrived this evening (Saturday night) for the opening training of Maccabi Haifa, in the home arena Romema.

The fans came to push the players for the coming season, accompanied by encouragement and drums and encouraged the team players and the professional team to thank them and wish the fans a “Happy New Year”.

The team’s captain, Willy Workman, took his teammates to thank the fans who came to cheer Maccabi for the new season. The players thanked the fans who came to the practice and handed them game shirts and Marenchadez.

In addition, the official fan event will be held at the Romema arena on 26.09, starting at 18:00, at the green happening there will be a showcase game, prizes competitions, sale of the group’s products, and discounted subscriptions.