The team held a toast for Rosh Hashana

שתפו את החברים

A moment after the afternoon training, the group held a festive toast and distributed a gift to the members of the club on the occasion of the new Hebrew year.
The team’s CEO, Assaf Rosenblatt, congratulated the players and the professional staff on the blessing of Shana Tova.

The coach of the team, Barak Peleg, congratulated the players for the new Hebrew year and said: “First of all I will start with a Happy New Year to everyone, before talking about basketball at all, it is important to me to say thank you to all the people who surround the club. Thanks to everyone, from the level of the cleaner to the management, do not forget that after all, they are here for us. At the team level, it’s important for me to see smiling players. Come each day with a smile, it will make each of you give more of yourself for the club. Happy New Year and Happy Holidays.”