2017-18 Community Activities Recap

שתפו את החברים

In a season in which wins were hard to come by on the court, Maccabi Hunter Haifa were winners off the court — staying true to their core mission of giving back to the Haifa community. The 2017-18 season was full of activities that positively impacted underprivileged and special needs children from Haifa and the North. Thanks to generous donors from Israel and the United States, the team’s Haifa Hoops for Kids charity program hosted nearly 3,600 children in need at Maccabi Haifa home games this season from organizations throughout northern Israel. The children were provided with souvenirs and the opportunity to meet their favorite players.

Maccabi Haifa players made weekly visits to schools, non-profit organizations, boarding schools, and Rambam Hospital. The scope of this year’s activities was even more extensive.


Prior to every Maccabi Hunter Haifa home game, a patient from the Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital was presented with the honorary game ball. Each pregame ceremony was very powerful and exciting for everyone in the arena.


The Greens and Klil Brighten Spirits at Rambam Children’s Hospital for Hanukkah

We participated in a Hanukkah celebration that has become a tradition at the children’s departments of Rambam Hospital


Maccabi visit “Regavim” school for Tu Bishvat

We took part in the Tu B’ishvat planting ceremony at the “Regavim” Special Education School


"ללא ספק אחד החלקים החשובים במקצוע הזה, אין הרגשה יותר טובה ומספקת מלדעת שהצלחת לשמח ילדים"שחקני מכבי יצאו מחופשים לחגוג את חג פורים עם ילדי עמותת גן הילד.גן הילד חיפה – Gan Hayeled Haifa#מכבי_בקהילה💚

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We celebrated Purim with the Gan Hayeled organization


Good Deeds Day at Ahava Village for Children & Youth

We visited the “Ahava” boarding school


How to speak with children who are hard of hearing? Yivzori and Asayag visit “Shema House” in Haifa

We visited the educational and therapy center for children who are hard of hearing and deaf in the Haifa district – “Shema House”.


העונה אולי עוד לא התחילה, אבל הפעילות הקהילתית שלנו לא מפסיקה גם בפגרה! בשלושת הימים האחרונים, השחקנים שלנו ביקרו בבתי הספר נופים, הרצל וחופית בחיפה, יחד עם נציגי מחלקת הנוער.ווילי וורקמן: "מכבי חיפה זה יותר ממועדון כדורסל, זה מועדון שעושה למען העיר והקהילה. אנחנו מאוד שמחים לתת בחזרה לעיר שלנו ולילדים שבה". The regular season hasn't started yet, but our community work never ends! Over the past 3 days, our players, in coordination with the youth department, visited Nofim, Herzl and Hofit elementary schools.Willy Workman: "Maccabi Haifa is more than a basketball club — it's a club for the city and the community. We are very happy to give back to our city and the children."

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We visited in schools all over the city of Haifa.


Hashalom After-School Program youth enjoy visit at Greens’ practice

Youth from Hashalom After-School Program came to visit Maccabi Hunter Haifa’s practice at Romema Arena.


עמותת פידל

"לשמח ילדים זה משהו שהוא הרבה יותר מכדורסל, זו זכות עבורנו."הירוקים הגיעו לביקור בבית הספר אריאל שבטירת הכרמל, למפגש עם תלמידי עמותת פידל בחסות חברת אמדוקס.FIDEL – Association for the Integration and Success of Ethiopian-Israelisלכתבה המלאה>> http://bit.ly/MaccabiHunterHaifa#מכבי_בקהילה💚

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We visited the Ariel School to meet with students from the Fidel Association.


We read stories to children in the “סיפור חוזר” organization