Maccabi players visit students from Fidel association

שתפו את החברים

Maccabi Hunter Haifa’s Willy Workman and Dagan Yivzori visited the Ariel School in Tirat Carmel on Monday morning to meet with students from the Fidel Association.

Fidel (Alphabet in Amharic), Association for Education and Social Integration of Ethiopian Jews in Israel, was established by Ethiopian and native Israelis in 1997 in order to provide a solution for educational and integration challenges. Fidel’s position and vast knowledge of the community allows the organization to operate from within and create lasting community infrastructure.

The students were excited to see the Greens stars, and expressed great curiosity about the players’ professional careers, on and off the court. Workman and Yivzori participated in an entertaining basketball game between a group of boys and girls from the association. After, everyone gathered around to take photos with the players.

“I feel that Maccabi Hunter Haifa is more than a basketball club, it’s a club that invests a lot in the community,” said Benci Getto, a teacher in the association. “The children were charmed, and I hope that more meetings like this will take place in the future.”

“I really enjoyed playing and laughing with the lovely students from the association. To make children happy is something bigger than basketball — it’s a privilege for us,” Dagan Yivzori summed up the Greens’ visit.