The Quest for the Final-Four continues, Maccabi heads to Holon looking to grab series lead

שתפו את החברים

After an impressive 101-70 victory at home to even the quarterfinals series at 1-1, Offer Rahimi’s Greens will play game 3 at Holon on Wednesday at 9:00 p.m.

The fourth game will be held at Romema on Sunday at 9:00 p.m., secure your tickets here!

The Romema show

The Greens put on a show at home against Holon to register a 31-point win — the largest margin of victory in the playoffs thus far. John DiBartolomeo became the Israeli scoring leader in the playoffs (23.5 PPG) after an incredible performance, tallying 28 points and 4 steals in 27 minutes on 6-of-11 shooting from 3-point range and 6-of-6 from the line. The Green guard totaled a 33 VAL and was named League MVP of the week.

After the game, team owner, Jeff Rosen, announced that head coach, Offer Rahimi, will continue as head coach for next season.

“We are in the midst of a difficult series against a good team,” Rahimi said. “Our focus is only on the next game. We know it’s another challenge that we will have to face and we’ll be up for that challenge.”

Keys to the next game            

The big improvement for the Greens in game 2 was the team’s 3-point shooting percentage. In the first game, the Greens shot only 28.2 percent, compared to 46.9 percent in the second game.  The number of 3-point shot attempts were similar (taking into consideration the two overtimes in the first game); Maccabi shot 39 from downtown in the first one and 32 from long distance in the second contest.

Amit Simhon, who was the leading scorer in game one with 22 points, took less shot attempts in game two to finish with 7 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists.

“It’s going to be a very tough road game, but we are looking forward to it,” said Simhon.  “We’ll to come with the same energy and effort from the last game in order to win game three.”


  Haifa Holon
PTS 100 87
REB 45.5 35
AS 21 15.5
ST 7 4.5
VAL 108.5 97.5
2% 53.30% 46.80%
3% 36.60% 46.80%
1% 86.70% 78.70%

Hot Holloway

After two games, the Greens have yet to figure out how to cool off the hot Tu Holloway who has been dominant in the series. After dropping 34 points in the first game, he tallied 21 points in the second game. Jordan Taylor also has shown consistency, scoring 13 at Holon and 16 at Romema.

The Greens defense has done a great job limiting James Bell, who averaged 15.5 points and 5.0 rebounds in the regular season, but only 7.0 points and 5.5 rebounds in the quarterfinals.