Vargas and Blayzer participated in religious communities’ basketball league final honoring Zvika Kaplan

שתפו את החברים

Green players, Gregory Vargas and Oz Blayzer, participated in the finals of the religious communities’ league, which honored Captain Zvika Kaplan, who was killed nearly two years ago during his military service in Operation Protective Edge in the Gaza strip.

Kaplan, born and raised in Haifa, married and moved to live with his family in the Gilboa.  Zvika’s family still lives in Haifa, and his family and friends decided to have a basketball game in the religious communities’ league in his honor.

The night started as a big happening with Zvika’s family, and approximately 100 kids and adults played together in different basketball activities.  Vargas and Blayzer, felt the love from the crowd — especially from the kids —  as they took part in the competitions, signed autographs and took photos with everybody. The players signed two basketballs and gave them to Zvika’s children.

“Zila, Zvika’s mother, would like to thank the players for the participation and the gift to her grandchild,” Paz Glickman, the chairman of the religious communities’ league said.