Maccabi Bazan Haifa players visit Shifman High School

שתפו את החברים

This morning (Thursday), Maccabi Bazan Haifa’s players, Alex Chubrevich and Ike Ofoegbu, visited Shifman High School in Tirat Ha-Carmel, as part of the community initiative of the team.

At the beginning, the players went into the teacher’s room and met some thrilled teachers (almost thrilled as the kids), who talked with and took photos with the players. Afterwards, the players entered the School’s auditorium, which was full with excited 10th grade students who welcomed them with a big applause.

The players introduced themselves and talked to the kids about their careers. Chubrevich said that he played Volleyball until he was 19 and then he decided to switch to basketball. He told them that most of his relatives didn’t believe in him, but he followed his dream even though it was hard.  He moved between 15 teams in 7 years and it paid off because today he is a player in the Super League.

Ofoegbu mentioned that he is playing for 8 years now and he played in South America and in Europe, but after two years in Israel he can say with confidence that this is the country he enjoyed the most so far.

Both of them answerd the kid’s questions regarding the life style of athletes, relationship with coaches, about sport and violence, about fitness and practices and about self-discipline. Some of this discipline, the players said, is to sleep well, to eat healthy and to give up some distractions and those are the keys to successes.

Right after, the kids and the players went out to the School’s court, had a short shootout and took some photos together