One-on-one: keron Deschilds and Anthony Fischer are preparing for the game of the season

שתפו את החברים

A day before the decisive game in the National League playoff quarterfinals (1-1), Keron Deshilds and Anthony Fischer sat in the locker room for a short one-on-one conversation. And they have an important message for the green audience.

“Hello Maccabi fans here Caron Dechlis and Anthony Fischer, we wanted to contact you and ask for your help and support, first of all, a question for Anthony Fisher.”
DeShields asks, “I want to get you back to college when the crowd came and pushed you and encouraged … How did it make you feel?
Fischer: “It gives motivation, it’s an advantage against the second team we need all of you! It gives us the energy to fight and win the game.”
“I asked this because I wanted to emphasize that when you are with us, we play on a different level of passion and focus, we play better, I really ask you to come and support us as you know. Ups and downs but we need you. ”

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