Player of the Day – Roi Gambash

שתפו את החברים

One of our young players, another talented young player, received the number 14 in green, Roi Gambash.
Roy signed the club on a three-year contract and will play in the green uniform until the end of the 21/20 season

Some details:
Height: 1.90
Position: Small forward
D. Birth: 10/01/2000
Israeli citizenship

Haifa Boren And Raiesd:
Our Gambash is what is called ‘Haifa Assali’. Born and raised in Haifa and does not plan to leave soon.

Gambash is another product of the Hebrew “Reali” school in Haifa, and like many others he also played on the school team when last year he was part of the school team (with Amit Alon) that reached the semifinals of the national high school championship.

Military Service:
Our Gambash enlisted on a special date 12.12, and wish him a Good Luck!

role model:
When we asked Gambash who his role model was in the basketball world, the answer came in a flash: “Its too easy, LeBron James”

Family of Basketball:
His father, Doron Gambash, was an active basketball player and played for Hapoel Tel Aviv and Hapoel Nahariya.
His grandfather’s brother, Albert Hemo, was an active basketball player and coach of Israel’s basketball team.

In addition to being an active basketball player since the age of 5, Roy Gambash has been active throughout the years in the school athletics team. Two years ago, he even picked two medals when he finished the 100m runner in second place in the North, and finished third in the
shot putter contest.

Each player has a nickname:
We did not even have to ask that with a family name like Gambash it is clear to everyone that in every place from the friends to the team players all call Roi – ‘Gambash’. (Except from home, where he is still Roi).

And anyone who has worried about his injury to the palm of his hand … he drops the cast on the 15th of the month and is expected to return to the courts soon.