Player of the Day – Gal ‘zaba’ Zebak

שתפו את החברים

you’ve probably already noticed that we run with the ‘Player of the Day’ project according to the players’ shirts, and here comes the green shirt, shirt number 7, and the one behind it is none other than the team’s guard, Gal Zebak.

Zebak, signed in the club at the beginning of last season for 3 seasons, and will play in Maccabi Haifa until the end of the 2019/20 season.

Some details:
Height: 1.88
Position: Guard
D. Birth: 13/12/1998
Israeli citizenship

Nofit-Haifa line:
Gal Zabek, was born and lives in  Nofit near Kiryat Tivon.

Gal studied at the ‘Carmel Zevulun’ school in Yagur until his high school, and then moved to the ‘Leo-Baeck’ high school where he played with the school team and in the 10th grade he reached the quarter finals of the school championship.

Military Service:
Gal Zabek, serves on the Air Force’s technical base and has another year and ten months until he is cut off.

role model:
When  we asked Zebak, who was his role model in the basketball world, he replied: “I do not like to look at others, honestly, I do not really admire anyone, but in the last three years I can say I’m just thrilled every time I see Lua Doncic played, what abilities a player of my age, amazing.”

Maccabi, also in soccer:
If you look at the wave of training, or just before going up to the game, you will discover his affection for the world of soccer. Between jumping and jumping, it is enough to tell us that he played amateurishly for a number of years as a child and his father, Yitzhak Zebak, played in youth deepartment of Maccabi Haifa soccer team until the last year.

Each player has a nickname:
Zebak immediately told us: “The truth is that from childhood everyone call me just Zabak, but last year that changed too. a few days after Goni Izraeli joined us, he says that he heard in one of the training sessions that they called me Gal Zaba and not Zebak wave, and since then stuck nickname ‘Zaba’, both Israelis and foreigners.